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10-11-2007: The Ad Campaign You Can't Ignore: Chevy Malibu

  • Marketing Effort Will Prove All-New Malibu Competes With Accord, Camry;
  • Features Biggest One-Day Digital Takeover Ever by a Marketer
The All New 2008 Chevy Malibu Sedan DETROIT – When the all-new 2008 Chevrolet Malibu begins rolling into dealer showrooms on Nov. 1, Americans should already be aware that Chevy is back in the car business with a serious competitor in the mid-size segment, thanks to a massive advertising and promotional campaign that kicks off Oct. 17.

This integrated marketing push -- the latest in Chevrolet’s “American Revolution” campaign -- will launch with an unprecedented one-day digital takeover of the leading online portals and automotive, sports and lifestyle Web sites. Malibu advertising will dominate broadcast and online coverage of the Major League Baseball 2007 League Championships and World Series, as well as other programming on primetime network and cable television. It will also feature prominently in out-of-home and print media, including USA Today and automotive enthusiast magazines.

“We are introducing the all-new Malibu to America with a ‘no stone left unturned’ marketing effort. We want the entire country to know that this car, which is designed to be the best in the mid-size segment, is coming, and that it has bulletproof quality, coupled with beautiful interior and exterior design,” said Ed Peper, Chevrolet General Manager. “ Malibu has the look, feel and content of a $40,000 car but it costs less than half that amount. It truly will be the car you can’t ignore.”

The Malibu campaign will launch in three sequential phases. The first phase will involve an intense, unavoidable burst of activity aimed to get the all-new Malibu on consumers’ radar screens and begin to open their minds to the fact that the Malibu is a true contender. The second phase will take a methodical approach to build credibility about the Malibu’s competitiveness using third-party endorsements. The third phase will emotionally engage consumers and deliver the proof of why Malibu is the car Americans can’t ignore.

“The Malibu campaign is not a one-day wonder. It will be a sustained, disciplined marketing effort to tell America about the all-new Malibu,” said Kim Kosak, general director, Chevrolet advertising and sales promotion. “We know we face a big challenge because Malibu is going up against strong competitors like Accord and Camry. But we know we have a great product, a strong media plan, and a creative advertising and promotional campaign to tell our story. We’re confident we can get the new Malibu on people’s shopping lists.”

Kosak noted that although the marketing campaign for the all-new Malibu is massive, it’s not a mass-market approach. She also revealed that there will be specific efforts to communicate with women, Hispanics and African Americans about the all-new Malibu, as well as to consumers in targeted geographic markets around the country.

“The all-new Malibu is the most-researched car in Chevy’s history, and our marketing campaign is also the most-researched plan we’ve ever developed,” Kosak said. “We know who the Malibu’s target buyers are, and we have designed customized media plans for all of them to connect with them in a targeted way.”

Created by Campbell-Ewald, the campaign will include messages about the Malibu’s quality, reliability and durability; the highly designed interior and exterior; its quietness and safety features; and the hybrid version, which will be the most-affordable in the midsize segment.

“The Malibu target audience is deeply entrenched in their beliefs. They are highly skeptical of anyone’s ability to compete with Camry and Accord,” said Bill Ludwig, vice chairman, chief creative officer at Campbell-Ewald. “This campaign is designed to shock their systems, attack their beliefs and debunk myths. We want them to start out skeptical and end up wowed. The great thing is, we have the product to do that.”