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10-20-2004: SHHHH! Quiet, Please. Cobalt Engineered For Quiet Performance

DETROIT - If silence is golden, the engineers working on the new 2005 Chevrolet Cobalt produced a car that would pass the test of even the strictest librarian. Hood-to-trunk, Cobalt engineers focused on minimizing road noise. "We were fanatical about every noise and vibration," said Cobalt Chief Engineer Doug Parks. "That meant looking at innovative solutions not typically found on vehicles in Cobalt's segment."

The core of the Cobalt's quiet ride is its strong lower dominant vehicle structure that is engineered to avoid squeaks and rattles. The underbody uses high-strength steel in strategic locations for maximum strength and structural integrity. Also, the use of sound-deadening Quiet Steel® between the dashboard and the engine compartment dramatically reduces noise and vibration.

The proven 2.2 -liter Ecotec engine has also been made quieter, with coated pistons and vibration-reducing fuel line clips. An acoustically designed engine cover and high-density acoustic hood pad help absorb engine noise, while the connection between the engine and transmission has been stiffened to reduce vibrations.

In addition, the entire interior front of dash and floor is lined with cast to form foam-padded carpeting specifically designed to absorb noise. The trunk includes foam padding and the doors and windshield feature upgraded seals.

"Through innovative engineering and high quality materials, the Cobalt offers a ride that some might expect only from an import," said Parks.

Production for the Cobalt begins this fall in Lordstown, Ohio.

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